Monday, September 28, 2009

She lost her husband early this year.

She had major back surgery.

This frail little lady had borne such hardship in just a few months and now it was her 80th birthday.

Perhaps she hoped everyone would forget.

The smiling eyes and quiet voice had lost their spark.

She had wondered often in recent weeks as to what her purpose was. What good could there be left in life and why celebrate when there had been so much lost.

2009 had cost her greatly and though she, in true proper grace, was forging on, it wasn't easy to share a smile or keep her little chin up.

Somewhere a few miles away, a phone call was made to Frosted. Friends gathered for a surprise birthday party. I made a chocolate cake with vanilla pastry cream filling. I was only told that she liked birds. I chose two, since they had asked that I write "Faithful Friend" on the cake. As I was placing them on, one fell slightly. I grabbed my spatula to right him when I saw that he was leaning on the other bird. I smiled and let him be.

Sometimes, we all need to have a friend to lean on.

A couple of weeks later, her own son and daughter in law called to order another cake for her actual birthday. I was so blessed to make both of her birthday cakes. The second one was vanilla with chocolate cream filling. Since I know this sweet woman personally, I sent a birthday card with the cake. I explained the meaning behind each of the edible sugar decorations I had made for it.

The bow was to symbolize her life. Each life is a gift and a blessing.

The brooch to show that she has a rich legacy to leave behind.

The hankerchief for the hard times she has experienced and lived through.

but the rose to show that she is still blooming. She has more living to do and more to give.

Monday, September 21, 2009

As an oldest child I have always had a bit of a 'rescuer' in me.

I like to be the solution to a problem. Or at least appear to have the answer. :)

I've been humbled time and time again, but every once in a while I get to 'come to the rescue'.

I received a call just days before a wedding from the father of the bride. The cake baker had a heart attack and wasn't able to make the cake. I happened to be free that weekend and took the challenge.

Even with the late night hours, a harrowing drive to the reception and a last minute set up, I was pleased with the end result.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

When I met her she seemed like any other bride. She was pretty and pleasant and there was nothing about her that seemed out of the ordinary.
Then I was asked if I could create a cruise ship wedding cake.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE brides who think outside the box! Although I am a traditional girl myself, I thoroughly enjoy challenging myself with the cakes I make and trying new things.

This bride definitely wanted something different and was looking for a custom wedding cake to suit her pre-cruise getaway. After a little more discussion we nixed the cruise ship and designed a sea shell cake for her summer wedding.I had never tried sea shells before and really enjoyed working with the molds and creating the shells out of white chocolate. I painted each shell with edible dusts and coloring to attempt a more 'life like' appearance. I added tropical lilies made from gum paste.

Lena, the bride, had chosen red velvet for her cake flavor and a generous layer of cream cheese frosting as a filling for the cake.

The moments we make aren't near as important as the memories we keep.
May this moment as you begin your life together, be held in your hearts for always.

Blessings! Frosted.