Monday, August 20, 2012

Ruffles and Remembrance

From the moment I walked into their home, I loved this family.

Karen treated me like an old friend and I felt welcome immediately.  The house was a whirl of happy activity.  Her children and family were around getting ready for a birthday party for two of her daughters.  Kiara was turning five and Valentina was turning one.

I was so impressed with the creativity and thought that Karen had put into all the decorating and details.  So many DIY projects and much thought and love had gone into everything.  The ruffle cakes I brought looked perfectly at home next to an amazing candy display.  The outside patio beckoned me with bright colors and joyful decorations.

Valentina, turning one, was in her tutu looking sweet and lovely for the party.

And Kiara, celebrating her fifth birthday, melted my heart instantly.  She was sitting by a window and saw me come in with the cake.  Her eyes lit up.   Kiara's siblings were so helpful.  I noticed the family pictures hanging in the main room and I could feel the love that was there.

Later, I watched as Kiara got her hair done, not her favorite part, but the patient working of a loved ones hands arranged her sweet curls into lovely pony tails.

I left with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

I didn't know... that it would be Kiara's last birthday.  I recently heard the heart breaking news that Kiara passed away just a week later.

I didn't know that my cake would be part of the last celebration her family would have together with her.

What an honor and privilege to have been a part, even a small one, for her day.  What a beautiful party to celebrate this beautiful child.

...What a beautiful memory.

Even though her departure was unexpected, I know that Karen and her family would want you to know that they are so thankful for each day that Kiara was in their lives.

Frosted offers our sincerest sympathy and heartfelt sorrow for their loss.

I will never see buttercream ruffles again without thinking about Kiara. 

So, with the Gilchrist family's permission, our buttercream ruffle cake will be called the Kiara cake  in their daughter's honor.

*Pictures courtesy of the Gilchrist family.

I want to say to the Gilchrist family and to all of our customers,
It is a blessing and a privilege to know you.  Thank you for allowing Frosted to be a part of your lives.

With love,

- Julie